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Living Systems
Aquarium & Pond Service
Every Living Systems pond is an original design. No two ponds I have built have ever been the same. If you can imagine it I can probably build it. Obviously the two limiting factors are usually space and your pocketbook. Whether it's a pond, waterfall or stream or combination of these the ultimate goal of each project is for you to have an attractive, low maintenance water feature that is appropriate to your yard in size and design. And please note, they are low maintenance not no maintenance and will require a little of your time on anything from a weekly to monthly basis depending on size and type of equipment you choose.
      So what is it you're looking for in a pond company? Are you looking for a business responsive to your needs and willing to provide future service ? Or are you content with someone who will come and build you a water feature and then have little or no interest in providing future service, support and advice ? It's an important consideration because many of the companies currently building ponds are not interested in doing the 'dirty' work of maintenance and repairs. We service any pond we've built for regular or emergency service. If you've got the mentality that values old fashioned small business service coupled with years of experience look no further.

  *** For parents with school age children check out the animal         experiences link below***
Working with Ponds Since 1983

We Custom Design &
Build Fish Ponds,
Waterfalls, & Water Gardens.

We Provide Aquarium
Sales, & Service.

We Offer Pond Sales,
Service, & Maintenance.
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